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Human Resources

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Human Resources

Western Energy Industry Companies operating in Russia face the Labour Code differing tax reporting requirements according to region of operations; and, an arguably prejudicial court system (historically, Western Companies win only 2% of all Labour Code disputes).  Outsourcing helps to avoid these problems.

Working in cooperation with our clients, ISC has developed a modern Services Contract under which ISC assumes the role of local employer and all of the Labour Code liabilities , while staff employed report directly to our Customerís line managers. This provides an effective "firewall" between our customer and the Labour Code while at the same time reducing overhead costs by eliminating the need for expensive administration staffing.

Local registration and local recruiting also affords a significant cost reduction for our customers by avoiding the need for expensive rotational staff.

ISC provides complete support for local staffing requirements, from recruiting (see Recruiting) to payroll disbursing and accounting, tax reporting and paying (see Payroll).  

Key Benefits


Local Recruiting


Payroll Management


Tax Reporting



         ISC can provide recruiting services for all your local and Western staff requirements.


         ISC can provide payroll disbursing and accounting, tax reporting and paying.

Positions Available

        ISC lists all Positions Available and details of how to apply for them on this page.

On-Line Application Form

        ISC has a database of resumes from people seeking employment in the Energy Industry. If you have not already completed our Application Form, please do so, even if you are currently employed.


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