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Working with ISC, our customers enjoy the following benefits:

bulletCompetitive pricing

Our “market basket” survey shows we are consistently less expensive than our major competitors.

bulletEnhanced tracking of orders and purchases

Our Status Report provides an accurate, timely management tool to help control costs.

bulletDoor-to-Door Peace of Mind 

Our teams work on three continents to provide personalized account management from time of purchase to point of delivery.

bulletHands On Experience

Experience generated through servicing some of the most demanding Oil & Gas companies – Russian, Western and Joint Ventures.

bulletWorldwide Support

Internationally networked single source service enables effective and efficient demand cycle management

bulletRisk Management

Reduced risks through ISC's extensive handling experience and sensitivity to ever changing Western and Russian regulatory requirements and security issues

It’s fast.  It’s easy. 

ISC will save your company time and money.



Simply stated, ISC efficiently and reliably locates, purchases and delivers all types of goods for the energy sector.  Where possible, we identify locally-sourced analogues to help reduce cost and delivery times. From technical oilfield equipment to field offices and office equipment, our team identifies the best match of regional and/or international manufacturers in terms of quality, quantities and availabilities.


ISC can purchase CIS-manufactured vehicles directly from the manufacturer and Western manufactured vehicles from authorized regional dealers.  Our experience and long standing reputation means that our customers enjoy the lowest possible pricing and fully committed service departments.  


We believe so strongly in our capabilities that we named our company International Supplies.  And, since 1993 Customers including Schlumberger, Shell, LUKoil and PetroAlliance have agreed by giving us repeat orders.  We have a proven track record of reliability and price competitiveness. 


International Logistics Management is a complex business, but with ISC, it is not something you need to concern yourself about. With our international network of specialists a call away … just leave it to us.


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