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November 2004

ISC has developed a new HR Program

  This year ISC starts a new Recruitment program to discover new potentials of Western Siberia Regions and Sakhalin Island area. The program will include a series of interviews in different regional centers throughout Russia, a 'New-Graduate' program and new application format for our web site.

August 2004

ISC signed a service contract for a new Project in Khanty-Mansiysk

  A new Project for an Oil & Gas company in Khanty-Mansiysk area. ISC has developed a Transportation program to ensure all needs of the client are met, took over ancillary positions on the outsourcing basis and provided additional temporary personnel for the Project.

September 2003

ISC started the New Recruitment Program 'Regional Resources'


Our HR Specialists are assigned to conduct interviews throughout Russia to discover manpower resources in Oil and Gas field to ensure best quality of personnel for our client's projects and to give opportunity of challenging career to young specialists living in faraway regions.

To submit your CV:

August 2003

ISC develops a New Field Project

  ISC has started developing Camp and Hotel accommodations in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Sakhalin Island) providing all services related with it.

April 2003

ISC opens New Office  in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk 


To ensure our clients operations at Sakhalin Island we have opened an ISC representative office in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

To contact ISC Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk office:

March 2003

ISC to consult Belgian Refinery Company


ISC Ltd. (UK) have been employed in a consulting capacity by the Belgian Refinery Company at Antwerp. The ISC role is to provide auditing services to the Procurement & Engineering developments at the Company’s Antwerp Refinery.

ISC Ltd. produces a report indicating a long-term savings estimate of Euro 5 million with a Euro 2 million saving short-term as well as a detailed operational plan for implementation.

Belgian Refining Company is now in the process of implementing recommendations made by our consultants.

August 2002

ISC to Supply OCTG Products for BJ Services


ISC recently signed a contract to supply API 5CT Tubulars 88.9 x 7.34wt to BJ Services for their Western Siberian operation. This order was won against stiff international competition and was awarded on the basis of both price and delivery.

August 2002

ISC Mobilizes to Support new YUKOS Projects in Urengoy and Novy Urengoy


ISC has begun supplying support staff for natural gas exploitation projects totaling approximately USD 167 million and USD 230 million in Novy Urengoy and Urengoy.  Our staffing commitment will be comprised of Russian drivers, technical translators and administrators who will be working with John Brown Hydrocarbon specialists to develop as many as three significant gas fields in this region.  Over twenty ISC personnel will be assigned to both head office and field operations in a most challenging environment, located about 900 km north of Nizhnevartovsk.

June 2002

ISC-Euramco Joint Venture listed as Qualified Bidders


ISC-Euramco Joint Venture officially listed as qualified bidders to Parsons and AMEC for their upcoming Sakhalin Island Projects.

May 2002

ISC enters into Joint Venture with Euramco


ISC has formed a Russian company joint venture with Euramco Limited of the United Kingdom. Euramco is Europe’s largest supplier of Bulk Electrical Packages and Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment to the Oil & Gas Industry. Euramco also has a large OCTG supply department which will work together with ISC to broaden both companies’ markets. Euramco-ISC will operate together within Russia and in Asia to supply the larger users with these services.

May 2002

ISC wins Contract for the Belgian Refining Company’s Procurement Audits


ISC UK was recently awarded the contract to carry out Procurement Audits for the Belgian Refining Company. These audits will be carried out during the coming months. ISC has a long experience in the field of audits and fully expect to show where  significant savings can be achieved in the area of Procurement.

December 2001

ISC to Supply Tubulars for Schlumberger Logelco Inc.

  ISC wins third consecutive international bid to supply 256 tons of: ‘Seamless steel tubing as per API 5CT, OD 88.9 mm, Wall thickness 7.34 mm, steel grade N-80, Thread type 10RD, NUE, Length R-2 to a major service company operating in Western Siberia.  We accept payment in Russian Rubles and arrange for the purchase, import, Customs clearance and ‘door-to-door’ delivery of the whole range of OCTG and other industry related products.

December 2001

ISC Signs Contract with Marathon Petroleum Russia Ltd.

  Acting as both recruiter and agency, we currently maintain staffing and payroll functions for more than 40 Russian employees in Moscow.  ISC is also committed to providing support for the company’s upcoming field operations in Nefteyugansk, Western Siberia.

December 2001

ISC Enters Strategic Alliance Relationship with Sherwood Engineering Recruitment

  This alliance provides ISC with access to a worldwide database of expat professionals and twelve representative offices located around the world.  ISC is able to provide local support for incoming expats, from ‘Meet and Greet’ Services to arranging transportation of household goods.  Sherwood is able to draw upon the network of ISC's regional offices located in Moscow and key Western Siberian cities.

November 2001

ISC Signs Contract with LUKOil for Re-supply of Core Analysis Laboratory

  In 1996, ISC won a USD 8.5 million turnkey contract to equip and commission core analysis laboratory and core storage facility in Kogalym, Western Siberia.  This year we continued to support our customer with the signing of a general supplies contract to re-supply the laboratory and purchase additional equipment.  Our agreement calls for us to accept payment in Russian Rubles and arrange for the purchase, import, Customs clearance and ‘door-to-door’ delivery of range of products sourced from manufacturers internationally (USA, Canada, Western and Eastern Europe and Japan) and in Russia.
November 2001

ISC Renews Recruitment and Agency Personnel Services Contract with John Brown   Hydrocarbons, Limited (formerly Kvaerner-YUKOS Alliance)

  Acting as both recruiter and agency, we currently maintain staffing and payroll functions for more than 40 Russian employees in Moscow, Tomsk, Tyumen, Nefteyugansk, Samara, Strezhevoi and Luginetskoye.

October 2001

ISC Wins contract for Transportation and Vehicle Maintenance Services in Western Siberia

  Operating the company’s fleet of Toyota Land Cruisers, RAV4’s, Skodas and Nivas, ISC provides a turnkey local transportation service.  We provide professional drivers, mechanics, timekeepers and management to ensure a 24-hour availability for John Brown Hydrocarbons, Limited operations in Tomsk, Tyumen, Nefteyugansk, Samara, Strezhevoi and Lugenetskoye.  Our services include moving the company’s vehicles from Moscow to each city of operation, recruiting and hiring local professional drivers, arranging local registrations and inspections, setting up local supply chains for consumables and acquiring safe parking facilities.

January 2001

ISC Opens an office in Kingston-Upon-Hull (United Kingdom)


International Supplies Company Ltd. (U.K.) activities include logistics and procurement support for our Russian operations.  We also represent and support several U.K. companies’ sales and operations in Russia, including John Brown Hydrocarbons Limited, Portakabin and Sherwood Engineering Recruitment.

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